Monday, May 10, 2010

Links with families

Calling all parents! With any luck at all I have set up a working Blog about our OM'ers adventures that we can use to stay in touch during our trip to Worlds. It will hopefully contact you each time something new is entered on the blog but I would like for everyone to attempt to log on and add a comment just to see if everything is working. You may have to connect with one of the links this service uses. Since it is a Google site gmail works as does Facebook. Feel free to add any pictures you may have and encourage the kids to add to it and forward it to any friends they have who may want to keep up with them.

Thanks Bob.


  1. Add 'talented blogger' to Coach Bradham's list of accomplishments! Bob, you just may drag me into the 21st century with you.

    I suggest we add a picture of our dedicated coaches...anyone have one?

  2. The coaches have wisely avoided all contact with the paparazzi. I have other kid pictures though and hope to test my phone out by attempting to post from it.

  3. We are Maisie Pearson's grandparents and are enjoying any information you put here. Thanks so much , "Mimi and Gigi" Glazer

  4. Michyla, We are proud of you and the team.

    Keep up the great work!